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Entertainer Coach

Entertainer Tour Bus Rental Image
If you were like many kids playing tennis-racket guitar and singing into a hairbrush growing up, you may have never entirely left your rockstar dreams in the past. But who says you have to? If you are planning a big event, a family reunion, a company retreat or a tour of your very own, check out our tour bus rentals. Known as an entertainer or sleeper, these buses bring the iconic rockstar tour bus fantasy to life, with all the amenities that bands, singers and political figures bring on their bus tours around the country.

An entertainer coach or sleeper coach is best used for trips where you would like to have space to sleep on the bus. Entertainer coaches are luxurious buses and come with many different amenities. Each bus may have different features, from entertainment systems to kitchenettes, but they are all like apartments on wheels. The availability of entertainment buses does vary by location, so check out our tour bus rental service area to see what is available near you and begin planning the trip of a lifetime!

Typical Features of an Entertainer Coach

  • Seating Varies
  • Beds Vary
  • Leather Seats on some buses
  • Spacious Restrooms
  • Equipped with TV/DVD
  • PA systems
  • Direct TV and WI-FI (In select Markets)