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Party Bus Etiquette

To make sure that graduation parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and other celebrations are fun and safe from beginning to end, many hosts secure a party bus rental. Party buses allow guests to ride in style and have a designated driver all at once – plus, with couches, music, and plenty of space, they make the ride more of a hangout. But as with any service, as a patron, your passengers should exhibit good etiquette while riding the vehicle. Not only will observing some basic ground rules make the night more fun for everyone, it will also keep you out of trouble and ensure that the bus company is willing to do business with you again in the future.


Observe Laws

Believe it or not, it is legal for passengers to consume alcoholic beverages while on the bus – some companies even provide some complementary drinks! However, it’s still illegal for minors to drink on party buses. Both the driver and the minors could get seriously fined – and the driver may lose his CDL — if anyone is found to be drinking illegally on the bus. It’s best not to even try to sneak this past the driver, as he or she will most likely be strict about it, and reasonably so.


It should go without saying, but many passengers through caution to the wind. You’re obviously going to want to have fun on the ride to your destination, and that’s perfectly acceptable. However, don’t do the majority of your drinking on the bus; this is just asking for police attention the second you step out of the vehicle. Whether drinking or not, be respectful of the fact that you’re riding in a rental property. Don’t leave garbage on the bus, clean up any spills that should happen, and keep the noise at a reasonable level. Any misbehavior is just asking for the driver to get distracted and/or pulled over.


Prior to getting on the bus, look into whether the company includes a tip in the cost of the rental. If not, remember that tipping a party bus driver is similar to tipping a cab driver. Consider how much the cost was per person, and have each person tip 15 to 20% of that amount. If the driver was particularly good, feel free to tip more, even if the tip was included in the total price.

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