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Plan your Summer Getaway…by Bus!


The fact that so many people are letting fuel costs get in the way of taking memorable vacations with their families is somewhat disheartening. It’s understandable, though – whether you’re driving or taking a plane, the transportation is often the most expensive part of the trip, and the more people you have to bring, the more the price rises. We shouldn’t be hindered by money when it comes to wanting to see new places and create family memories; that’s why families should consider charter bus rentals.

shutterstock_98725346Think about it: just last year, the average price of domestic airfare rose by 6% to $423, and international travel often surpasses the $1,000 mark. Every airline company has incorporated higher fuel surcharges, showing an increase of 25% over the past five years. If you’re a middle-class family trying to take four to six people on a plane, you’re looking at several thousands of dollars just to get from point A to point B.

When it comes to driving, that’s always an option, but fuel costs are still high. Not to mention if you’re trying to travel a significant distance it cuts into your vacation time; and if you’re trying to save money by taking just one car, you’re going to have an uncomfortable trip.

Charter buses alleviate the majority of these issues. Rather than having to worry about driving and directions, a driver handles your heavy lifting. They’re always spacious, so you’re bound to be able to stretch your legs and even take a nap no matter where you go. Plus, they’re getting much more high-end: you can even get WiFi and charge your electronics on many buses.

Whether you’re getting in on a bus trip with help from your local travel agent or organizing one yourself by getting others to join in on the deal, you’re going to have a much more affordable, comfortable, and overall enjoyable trip than if you’re stressing about the cost and troubles of flying or driving.

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