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Renting a Charter Bus: The Importance of Reviews

Taking a charter bus on a group trip has many perks, which is why it’s overcoming many other forms of transportation. For one, it’s simply cheaper than carpooling or flying for that many people. Additionally, it’s convenient to keep everyone on the trip together and to have a designated driver rather than arguing about who has to do the dirty work. However, you’ve got to be wise when you’re going to rent a charter bus. Sure, you can compare charter bus quotes and find the least expensive option, but you should also read reviews; otherwise, there are some things that could go wrong.


Especially on long bus trips, you want to make sure that the bus you will be renting is clean. No one wants to be sitting in the previous group’s garbage or sitting in mystery stains. Reviewers will definitely not be shy in letting you know whether or not a particular company does a good job of cleaning the buses before renting them out to another group.

It also helps to know how the drivers of the company will behave. Are they good drivers? Are they friendly? Are they timely? These are things that could make or break your bus trip, so if the driver is part of the rental service, you’ll regret it if you don’t make sure that the company has a good history with drivers.

Making sure that you choose a company that keeps their buses well-maintained mechanically is extremely important. No one wants to get on a bus that could potentially break down in the middle of the trip! Likewise, it’s a safety hazard if the bus hasn’t been kept in tip-top condition; some faulty mechanical aspect of the vehicle could cause an accident.

Finally, make sure that reviewers thought the website properly represented their fleet of trucks. Some sites will simply pull images off the internet to make their buses look nicer than they are. You want to get what you pay for, and you probably won’t see the bus in person until the day of the trip. Therefore, relying on experienced reviewers to make sure you know what you’re getting is always a good idea.

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