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Safety First: Tips for Bus Travel

With the summertime fast approaching, you’ve probably already got your summer trips lined up. Because of the increase in gasoline prices, many travelers are looking for ways to be more efficient in the way that they travel, which has spawned popularity in summer adventures on tour bus rentals to various locations. This option makes it easy for people to travel, even when on a budget, to places they’d like to go – but like any traveling option, you should always be aware of the relevant safety tips before you go.

Charter Bus Safety

As recommended by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, it’s important to make sure that the bus company through which you plan to travel has its credentials. Most importantly, see to it that your carrier is licensed to operate through the FMCSA and seek a company snapshot of your company’s statistics to ensure you’re traveling with a trusted name. Safety ratings should be a point of interest.

Once you’re actually on board, ensure that you’re aware of the locations of the emergency exits. These are often specified windows or doors, and as there are multiple per bus, find the ones nearest your seat. Familiarize yourself with how to use them.

Of course, keep your valuable personal belongings as close to you as possible during the trip, and utilize the overhead compartments for less valuable items like bags containing clothing, brochures, food, sunscreen, and the like. Keep cell phones, wallets, and GPS devices in a bag that you keep on your person.

If you’re traveling with a group of strangers, treat the bus like an airplane – be aware of any suspicious individuals, be buckled up at all times while in motion, and do not distract the driver.

Most importantly, bring the items that will make you most comfortable and entertained during the drive, and get the most out of your location once you arrive! Bust tours are a great way to travel – but safety always comes first.

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