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School Trips Going Green: The Charter Bus

It’s difficult not to notice the hype that surrounds ‘going green’ in today’s world. There’s a lot of pressure on all types of schools and organizations to reduce waste and pollution and cut back on the consumption of natural resources as much as possible. While your school might be implementing water-efficient plumbing and energy-efficient lighting, there’s always more you can do – and you can start with your methods of transportation.

Using charter buses is even better than carpooling when it comes to getting students to and from school, sporting events, and class trips. If you’ve got the right size charter bus rentals and you’re making sure that everyone is aware that they are an option, you could save trips from some fifty separate vehicles on each trip. This is green for a number of reasons:

Green transportation
Renting Green

Reduce fuel usage.

This is the obvious one – the fewer cars in transit, the less gasoline that’s used getting students from point A to point B, especially if everyone is going to the same place. The amount of fuel saved from using a bus – which is, essentially, a large-scale carpool – is extremely substantial over just the course of a year.

Reduce idling.

Like the aforementioned point, the fewer cars that are outside waiting to pick up students, the less idling there is. Idling is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution, and what’s worse is that it’s completely unnecessary – many drivers are simply too lazy to turn off their engines as they wait for students. If there aren’t fifteen cars waiting in the parking lot, that makes for fifteen cars that aren’t idling.

Encourage walking.

If there are bus stops every few blocks at which students can catch the bus to school, they’ll be more inclined to walk than get dropped off. This instills a good habit in students to walk when things are close by rather than drive, which is both green and great for their health.

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