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Sports Teams

Youth teams, college teams, and professional teams have all used our services. Whether they are traveling to the Little League World Series, the NCAA Basketball Championships, or headed to the Super Bowl, we have helped sports team from every corner of the country with their bus transportation needs. When you a have team that needs to travel to an away game, sometimes the hardest part is making sure that the whole team arrives on time. When renting a bus you can be sure that they team will arrive on time and together, while making memories on that bus ride.

Religious Groups

Whether you are traveling to the Holy Land experience in Orlando, FL or having a Bar Mitzvah Bus Quote USA can help with getting your group there. We help groups everyday plan these type of events and trips, so we know how hard it can be at times. If you have any questions you can also reach out to us and we may be able to recommend a location to visit by bus.


There are many things to be considered when planning a convention. Location, accommodations, vendors, and of course transportation. When using BusQuoteUSA.com you are able to secure two out of those three. We offer the ability for you to get quotes for bus rentals and we also give you access to get group hotel quotes. With two of your top priorities covered with us, you will have more time to focus on other important tasks such as your entertainers and food vendors. Let us take care of the buses and hotels and you will be glad you did.


Congratulations! Either you or someone you know is getting married. Weddings are so much fun, but can also be very stressful at times. Planning a wedding can be a headache without the right help. Whether you have a wedding planner or not we know what it takes to pull off a successful day. You can have the best flowers and the perfect dress, but if you guests don’t arrive safe and on time then things can go downhill fast. We have provided bus rentals for more weddings than we can count and enjoy helping take away some of the stress and making sure that your guests are safe on your special day.

Business Meetings

Does your company have an important business meeting coming up? Are you showing prospective clients around your facility? If so, make sure that you transport them in style. You know the saying about only getting one first impression. With Bus Quote USA we can help with that. By renting an executive mini bus you will be able to impress and transport with ease.

Group Tours & Outings

Renting a bus is not something that you do all the time, but when you have a large group that is going on an outing or taking a tour, bus transportation is a must. Not only are you able to keep your group together, but you are keeping quite a few cars off the road. Whether you are touring nation’s capital or taking a trip to the bowling alley, choosing the right bus rental company can take up a lot of your free time, but with us you can save time, save money, and save effort.

Family Reunions

Getting all of your family together in one place can be a hard task. If your family reunion is in your town or 500 miles away, we can help with getting everyone to one location. Many people think that bus rentals are just “transportation”. When you are with people that you care about, riding a coach bus can be a fun time. You will have as many memories on the bus as you did at your destination. Let us help plan that next family reunion and make some memories.

Non-Profits & Charity

Charities and nonprofits are always looking for ways to help their cause. We applaud them for everything that they do. We also give discounts to these groups when renting a bus. Whether the holiday season is around and you are stuffing the bus with toys, or you are transporting the unfortunate, we can help. We have a wide variety of options for transportation that can fit any group or size.

Airport Transfers

Flying can be one of the most stressful ways to travel these days. When you have a large group traveling together it can be a nightmare. Worrying about everyone showing up on time to make the flight and gathering everyone at your destination so that you can leave the airport together can make any sane person go crazy. If you have fly and you have a large group then rent a bus. It will make life so much easier. Your group will arrive to the airport on time and together. When you land everyone can travel by bus to your venue. You also don’t have to worry about luggage getting left in the taxi because everyone’s luggage will be together on the bus.

Military Transportation

Everyday all across the country there are military members traveling to or from one base to another. Whether it be for training or coming home from overseas our military deserves the best. That’s why at BusQuoteUSA.com we salute our soldiers by providing excellent bus service to a military members and their families. If you have a loved on coming home and you want to take a large group of people to welcome them home then give us a call and we can make that happen.

Fraternities & Sororities

Formals, fall break, or spring break are all great times when sharing it with you fraternity brothers or sorority sisters. When having a large group like this you have to always make sure that you are having fun, but also being responsible. By using our bus rental services you will be able to get all your brothers or sisters to any location nationwide. We know what it’s like to be in college and to take that spring break trip that you will never forget. We also know the dangers that are on the road. Let us handle your bus transportation so that you can just focus on having a good time.

Schools & Colleges

Are you a school that needs to secure a coach bus or mini bus for a field trip? If so, you have come to the right place. Here at Bus Quote USA we work with schools nationwide to provide safe and reliable bus rentals. Many times schools will need to rent a bus, because the field trip is longer than a regular school day and they are not able to use their own school buses. Other times a coach bus may be chartered because of the distance of the field trip. Our coaches offer great amenities to keep the kids occupied when traveling a distance.
It’s that time of year again and college tours are taking place all over the country. If your school has a large graduating class it may be in your best interest to rent a bus and take a trip to variety of colleges. This will help the students that may not be able to get to each school individually and again will keep some cars off the road.

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Bus Comparison Chart

Are you confused about what bus is best for your group or event?Every trip or event is different and we have come up with a solution to help you decide what bus will work best for you.Have a look at our Bus Comparison Chart and if you still have questions give us a call and we will be happy to help. Comparison Chart

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