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The Unforgettable, Modern Summer Wedding

As spring changes into summer, you’ve probably got somewhere in the neighborhood of a half-dozen wedding invitations hanging on your refrigerator, especially if you’re in your mid- to late-twenties. It’s wedding season, especially for young couples, and that means drinking, dancing, and maybe even traveling your weekend away.


Everyone loves attending weddings, but when it’s your turn to actually plan one, you realize it’s just as much work (for the couple) as it is play. So if you and your sweetie are planning your big day for next summer, you’re probably starting now and using this season’s events to get ideas. As a young couple, you want the day to be unforgettable – here are a few things that modern couples are doing to make the event less of a traditional church ceremony and more of a day-long party.


Party Bus

Start Partying Before you Arrive

I’ve been seeing more and more weddings that start with all the guests meeting at a designated location, whether it’s a local bar or someone’s house, to have a few pre-ceremony drinks. Then, bus rentals arrive to pick up the large group of guests and they continue the party on the way there. It makes the event last longer for everyone and keeps the fun going all night long. Plus, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting lost or driving home after a night of drinking, so it’s a win-win.

Unconventional Locations

One of the most fun weddings I’ve attended thus far was at a local brew pub. The location supplied many different types of beer that was brewed on-site for tasting, and everyone had a blast. Another great location was an art museum in which the walls, stairs, floors, ceilings, and everything else were covered top-to-bottom in mosaic art. It made for beautiful pictures and just looking at all the intricate details kept the guests entertained for hours. Choosing an unconventional location makes the event seem much more hip and more fun than having everyone sit in a church, if that isn’t your thing.


Fun Finger Food

Once at a Cinco de Mayo wedding, the guests served themselves at a nacho and taco bar. It was food that everyone loved and enjoyed picking at all night, removing the formality of a banquet-style dinner. Find a food that fits the theme of your wedding and that you know kids and adults alike will enjoy eating. Don’t put too much thought into whether it’s “fancy” enough – the food is one of the least memorable aspects of the night! All that matters to the guests is that you and your soon-to-be spouse like it and that it fits in with the fun.

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