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Why Choose a Bus over a Plane

Many people forget to consider the bus as a transportation option when taking a trip, but as the years wear on, it’s making its way to the top of the list of practical options. Sure, a plane will probably get you there much more quickly than a bus will, but the benefits of taking the bus far outweigh the benefits of flying.

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Bus Rental or Plane


You’re about one charter bus quote away from realizing why many people opt to take a bus, especially for trips that are relatively short. Taking a plane from Boston to New York, for example, will run you more than $100, while a bus to the same destination will cost about $19 per ticket. It’s probably worth the three extra hours of traveling time. Same goes for Los Angeles to Las Vegas – would you rather pay for a $130 ticket, or a $60 one? If your answer is the latter, you should definitely consider the bus. Consider the fact that gasoline prices for airlines is going way up, and you can see why this trend is likely to continue.


Arriving at your Destination

Many people don’t consider that they should add in the cost of a bus or cab with the cost of airfare. Once you get off the plane, you’re stuck at the airport, whereas buses take you right to where you’d like to go, more or less. If you’re the type that’s tired after traveling, this is also a huge benefit. With the hidden costs and having to drag your luggage around, airplanes can take a toll on you.



Checking bags is the bane of the air traveler’s existence. With a bus, you don’t have that problem. You can bring a carry-on with you to hold on the seat – and because most buses have WiFi, you get to reap that benefit as well. The rest of your luggage goes in the undercarriage, usually for no charge.

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